Was good, then not so good …

Sigh! i’m upset tonite cos i didn’t get to go for my German class tonite.
i had arrange for my neighbour to watch Tobias (she has done it before) but she wasn’t home tonite – so i didn’t get to go. i’m not sure if she forgot (cos i told her quite early in the week) or did she have an emergency. Don’t know – will have to find out i guess.
i really wanted to go tonite cos we were deciding if we would stop while our teacher went on holiday or would we go on with the sub-teacher. Sigh – now have to call someone to find out. Plus i did do my homework & even some additional stuff which i would love to have corrected. Sigh!

Now for the good thing – Tobias did really well today at the Krippe – i left him there after breakfast & picked him up after lunch – they said he was really good & has even started to try & sing in German – they sing Grace & Good Morning & have a little song for brushing teeth. The only thing was that he didn’t say (speak out) when he needed the toilet – they saw the signs & took him. That’s something we still have to work on – even at home so…

Now i’ll veg out for a bit…

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