1st trial morning at daycare

Today was Tobias’ 1st trial day at daycare. i was there with him the whole time. It was good – it gave me an idea of what he would be involved in while there. Tobias enjoyed it greatly. So in a sense i’m relived – in another sense, i worry more now – sigh! the conflicting emotions of being a mum. i’m confident that the care is good but worry that he’ll not be able to express what he needs to the gals/ladies there (eg go peepee – he is the only 2yr old who is toilet-trained).
There were only a handful of kids when we got there in the morning – there was also another mum there with her 2x kids, also on their 1st trial day – her son, Jonas, is only 1x month younger than Tobias. Her little gal (i can’t remember her name) is only 6x months. But she is going back to work 1x day a week so they’ll have to come to daycare (which by the way is known as the Kinderkrippe or Krippe for short). The really interesting thing is that while talking with this other mum, Karin, we found out that her husband’s good friend works with Walter – talking about connecting people – hhehehehhee 😉
The kids then have breakfast & after that a time of singing (this is the structured time for the morning). They sang in Swiss so Tobias wasn’t too interested as he didn’t quite understand. Besides, he was too distracted with all the toys around. The kids then get free playtime. Then it was lunch – a simple fare of soup, salad & apple cake.
Tobias really took to the Curry Cream soup they served today – he also took to the Curry Noodles at yesterday’s Sunday Lunch at church.
Well, that’s the excitement for today.

Walter is home for a few days – but he goes off again to US on Wednesday & this time for 2x weeks – sigh!


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