Tomorrow we go on holiday…

Our friends, Daniel, Lindi & Kai have been here for 2x days now – yesterday as u know was spent driving around (literally!). Today was much better. We walked the Old Town of Solothurn,  lunch there & then we walked home. Lots of walking today. After coming home, we had planned to go to  the Sensorium – i assumed that the plan was for all of us to go. But Walter was too tired having only had 3hrs of sleep (he was at his company Team-Building thingy the night before). & Daniel didn’t want to go but wanted to stay & prepare dinner (It was a wonderful dinner of Claypot Chicken Rice, Salted Veggie Soup & Stir-fried veggies with rice – yummy!). So in the end it was just myself, Lindi & the 2x little boys. It was quite interesting, a bit small in terms of the size of the whole place – but interesting interactive displays. It was their 20th Anniversary so entry was free as long as u bought a pin for 5Sfr. So for that price, Lindi & myself felt it was well worth it. The boys had fun banging stuff & spinning stuff & blowing sand etc… Good place to spend a couple of hours on a rainy day.

Tomorrow we are off – driving with our friends to France, Burgundy region to a little place called Ste Croix, between Dijon & Lyon for 6x days. i can’t wait!

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