The “Lost” Carseats

So the carseats never came back to me – by the time the train people tracked them down – they were already in Geneva Airport (the wrong airport). & it would have taken them 2x days to get it back to me – so today (the 2nd day of my friends’ visit) we drove the long way to Geneva airport & collected them.
i was navigating & sort of got lost at the beginning of the journey & then underestimated the distance we needed to go – so we ended with grumpy toddlers in the car & had to stop at a rest stop for lunch instead of at Lausanne (a nice city to walk around – if anyone is interested). Then off to collect the seats & by then it was late afternoon – so we had to drive home & were caught in traffic on the way back – so all in all not a very exciting/interesting day. Just lots of driving.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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