A Long-due Update … with lots of photos…

Well Well, it has been almost a month since my last post – where did we disappear to? Here’s the scope:

Our holiday with our friends went really great!!
We were in France, Burgundy area for 6x days – we visited a few cities & had a relaxing time in a wonderful holiday apartment. i won’t go into details – too long – i’ll let the photos tell the story.
Here’s one of us at a park in Dijon – yep, we went there to buy Dijon Mustard – hehhehee 😉

Here’s us, sitting on a cannon at Le Creusot

Here’s how Tobias looked when he got to feed the animals at a animal farm in Sagy

Here are the 2x little boys driving

We also visited Chardonnay (where the grape variety comes from) & bought a really over-priced bottle of white wine – we figured that we were charged for tasting 2x types of wine (so 8x galsses). There were lots of other things to do but the activities were more suited for older kids so we gave those a miss.

Next we were off to Germany (unfortunately, Walter had to cancel a few days of leave to go back to work so he didn’t come with us to Germany). We were only there 3x days – mainly to visit that Mad King’s castle – the one which Disney used as a model for their own castle – the Neuschwanstein Castle. However, we never got to see that – it was guided tour only & the wait was too long. So we opted to go to another one of his castles which was quite nearby – the Linderhof Castle. It was nice with a huge garden area for the boys to run around – but a real sad story about King Lugwig II – he was a really lonely man.
Here’s one of LinDi (my friend) & the 2x boys on the castle grounds

On the way back from Germany, we stopped at the Rhine Falls
Here’s a photo of how close u could get to the falls if u wanted to – of cos we didn’t – not with the little boys

Our next destination was the Italian part of Switzerland (Walter joined us here). We stayed at Ascona & visited both Lugano & Locarno – it was a short 3x days but nice. We also visited a chocolate factory & of cos left with lots of products!!
Here’s us at Lugano

Here’s the Moms & the Boys on top of Cardada, Locarno

It was a rather tiring holiday in a way – cos we drove everywhere – so lots lots of driving – i only did a very small part of it – i would say the person that drove the most is Daniel. In between all that, there were mostly rest & relax days & of cos church – which brings me to the next thing we were busy with.

The Dodges have left – our pastor, Ian & Jill, ended their time here. Sob! Sob!
We were busy with preparing farewell stuff for them.
Here’s a church group photo at the Farewell Coffee
Dearest Papi & Nana, Tobias misses you & still asks for you guys whenever we mention church or Luzern.
Here’s a photo of him after opening the 1st present u left for him

Now we get to the business of getting back to routine – well, actually a routine that will be changing lots.
Tobias & myself have started to go for BSF every Thursday morning – we have to leave the house at 7.15am to be there at 9am (Yawn!) – but Tobias is enjoying his Kids Program & i’m just starting to see the sense in going there for myself – time to study His Word & interact with others without worrying about where Tobias is.
Next, Tobias starts daycare 2x mornings a week at a Swiss Christian daycare (We thank God for helping us find this Christian one). We go for the trial days next week – where i can stay with him to get familiar & i think in Oct we officially start – however, the lady in charge did say that if he needs it, i can still stay for a bit at that time.
So i would have to say that we are in the process of getting into a new routine.

Walter is away – in the US – again – he was to go for 1x week only – but now it looks like he has to extend that – sigh! i just pray that it’s not for too long – i would really like for him to be here when Tobias “officially” starts at daycare.


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