Quick Short Post…

Just thot i post a short few lines as we’ll be busy with friends visiting for the next 3x weeks.
It has been a busy day. & yesterday & this morning i had a bit of a panic.
i had sent the 2x carseats (1x for Tobi & 1x for Kai – friend’s kid) to the airport by rail so i don’t need to carry them with me on the train when going to meet them tomorrow. We all come back in their rental car to our place.
It turns out that silly me had the wrong airport!! So had to try & get them (train people) to get the seats back. Yesterday they said it’s possible – this morning – may not be able to – so…
Then i just checked my email & my friends just told me that they are bringing their own carseat after all … so now i relax a bit – at least only 1x child is without carseat & he is my responsibility so i don’t feel so bad.
Ok have to go get more housework done (considering that i’ll likely not do anything for 3x weeks!!) & cook for tonite’s dinner guest.

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