New things to play with

Tobias acquired a couple of new things to play with. Check them out:

Here’s Tobias enjoying the comforts of his new Elephant sleeping bag:

We figured that since his Godparents are moving back to NZ, his cot there will be given away. So he’ll need something to sleep in when we do stay over in Luzern. We have found a new family willing to put us up (or at least put up with us – hehhehee 😉 Tobias loved his Elephant so much – he spent a whole 2hrs in it – even forgoing going over to play with Anatasia.

Here’s Tobias with his new backpack (which we got free from Migros) & a new beachball (which was given to him by our visitors on 1st Aug):

He actually posed for this photo – 1st time ever!!!

Now onto not so glad things – Walter is away for 3x weeks – in hot hot Texas for work. He has been gone only since 2nd Aug – so 1x day. Tobias woke up this morning & after having his chocolate drink, he rushed into our bedroom going:”Go wake Daddy up, go wake Daddy up!” He found he wasn’t there & rushed to the front room but Daddy wasn’t there either – i had to tell him:”Daddy is working in Texas.” & Tobias repeats exactly that. i’m not sure if he really understands what that means – not likely. i’m sure he misses Walter – just doesn’t know how to say it yet.


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