Wat’z up?

So what have we (mummy & son) been up to since daddy is in texas?
Well, lots actually.
1st of all, mummy’s aim is to finish sewing those curtains which she has been trying to do for more than 1x yr now – i know i know – terrible procrastinator!! i’m proud to say that i’m almost half way there – yippy!! However, i have to be honest, i’m sewing it in a sort of cheating way – just doing straight seams & i’m thinking of even not doing the vertical seams & leaving them as it is. Not sure yet – depending on time.
2nd, we’ve gone visiting to some new friends we made at our Music Class (Gymboree). Which was really nice – thot the little boy was a bit possessive of his toys (he is 6mths younger) – can’t blame him. i’m proud to say that Tobias did very well by not snatching back – instead he just let the boy take back the toys & played with something else. Near the end of our visit, he even figured out that every time the boy screamed it meant that he (tobias) had to give back the toy. Of cos, daddy said we should teach son to stand his ground – but it wasn’t his toys so i guess Tobias will learn that when he has to defend his own toys.
3rd, we’ve scheduled all our docs visits for this period – i just went to my ob/gyn yesterday – all is well, except my iron count is low – so have to go on iron pills. Tobias is due for his 2-yr check & jabs on Monday. We are late to do this mainly cos i misunderstood the doc when he said (last Nov) that we need not see him at 2yrs – maybe he meant after 2yrs?? Not sure, he spoke German & my German is just bad.
4th, we are busying with church stuff – opening of Sunday School again – this time i’m coordinating – “nervous”.
5th, we are getting ready for our visitors coming on the 24th & that would just be great – Tobias will have a playmate for almost 3x weeks, i get to have some gal-talk with an old friend & we get to take our 1st family holiday which doesn’t involve going back to Singapore & we’ll be traveling around Europe – which is what i’m really excited about. Cos we’ve been here almost 4yrs & i’ve only visited Milan (Italy), Alicante (Spain) & London (UK).
So we are busy busy.

We also miss daddy lots – Tobias got up this morning, stopped at our bedroom door on his way to get his chocolate drink & said,”Daddy in Texas.”


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