PJs & more – they all come off!

So the taking off of his PJs continue, even though the weather has cooled slightly in the last 2x days.
This morning we found more than the PJs off – he even took off his diaper (pull-ups)!!! Smart kid – but the downside is … he peed on his bed! So mummy had to clean & wash.
We could not scold him cos he really didn’t know that he isn’t suppose to take off his diaper & pee on the bed – though after saying that, he does know that, :”Peepee goes in the toilet.”
Anyhow we have very very firmly told him that he is not to take off his diaper in bed again & that if he needs to pee & wants to do it in the potty, he should call us & WE will take off his diaper.
Hopefully, no more wet bed… at least till we start night-training.

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