A Fun & Busy Week / Weekend

So what has been happening at the Yoongz?
Well, we’ve been busy trying to tie down holiday plans with some friends – just going to the countries around switzerland – but still it takes so much work – have to look up car rentals – decide on whether or not to rent 1x big car or just 1x small car & we drive our little car. Then accomodation is a whole other ball game – sigh! Still some more work to go … hopefully all can be settled within this week.

The weather has also been hot hot – which for me is ok – but i think Tobi is feeling the heat a bit more – we have found him several times in his bed, asleep without his PJs on, only diapers. He goes to sleep with PJs on & when we check him before we go to bed, he is without them – sigh 🙂

This past weekend – we had great fun. It was Naomi’s 2nd Birthday Party (she has appeared in previous entries). There was a small party at the Bachmanns, small affair but it was nice & cozy. Our pastor & his wife even got to meet someone from their home country (NZ) & found out that they knew quite a few of the same people in NZ. Shows you how small the world can get – wasn’t there some theory about 6 degrees of separation? – something like everyone actually knows everyone else – just through 6x different people or something like that.

Here’s a photo of the cake blowing:

Tobias was hoping he could blow out the candles from where he was standing – he even puffed up his chest & blew – hehhehehee 😉

Then on Sunday after church, the Bachmanns invited us to go along with them & their family for a grill in the forest. This is something which Swiss people do lots of – or so i gather. They like to take a walk into the forest & have a small grill & enjoy the nature which surrounds them – something which we could never do in Singapore. One of the plus points of living here. Well, the spot they picked was by a small stream so the kids had lots of fun playing in the water.

Here’s a photo of Tobias & Daddy, Naomi & her grandfather by the stream:


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