Potty Training Progress & Cute Photos

So how has the potty training been going? Good!! i was really surprised. However, the 1st few days was really difficult – accidents everywhere – i nearly gave up. But on the 4th day, it all turned around & he started using the toilet regularly with only 1x or 2x accidents & then last Wednesday (5th July 2006), Tobias did it!! He had his 1st accident-free day – we were so very proud. & this was with a whole day outside as well, on top of that we had visitors from out of town to add to the excitement for the day. i was expecting to be able to write that we conclude our 1st accident-free week today but unfortunately, he pooed in his pants today – sigh! i was really upset but now am feeling better – an odd accident is to be expected so…

Now for some cute photos:
Here’s a photo of Tobias reading “newspaper” (he says they are newspaper but they are actually junk mail):

Here’s Daddy giving Tobias a ride around the horse:

Here’s Tobias & Daddy in our newly-setup hammock (Walter used his army-issued one):

It’s really so nice to have a hammock to sit in this nice warm weather.

Here’s Tobias with “chalk-face” (he was drawing with chalk on the terrace):

Here’s one of Tobias swimming in our neighbour’s little pool with their daughter Anastasia (Swiss-Russian):

Well, that’s it for now. Am so looking forward to more warm warm weather!

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