God is indeed Good!

i was feeling very much unappreciated last night – happens from time to time. But last night was bad. i even cried about it & of cos Walter was there to comfort me – funny thing was it was a little thing that he did which triggered the anger & tears … maybe i really need to re-evaluate myself, my life & my views?? Not sure about that yet.
However, God is Good – as always!
i woke up, did the morning stuff & had some time to read some short passages from the Bible before Tobi woke up. i was reading about Jesus telling the disciples that to be greatest they must be the one to serve, just as Jesus came to serve. It didn’t hit me till just now when i was reading the Word for today from a Christian group i am part of. Today’s Word was about how God’s Word can heal – then the healing started for me. i realised that God was comforting me this morning with His Word – that to serve is a privilege given to us to show His Love to everyone around us.
Praise God!
Thank You Father that You are so Good to us & Your Word is always relevant to our lives at any time & You love us so.

PS: Today we started Tobias in his Big Boy pants – he was so excited to put them on. He’s had 2x accidents this morning & done 1x pee in the potty so i hope & pray he gets the idea soon, hopefully by week’s end.

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