My hubby gave up watching football…

No, no – he didn’t give up following football entirely … but he did give up watching the very interesting (actually i’m not sure if it was interesting but am told it was) match between Brazil & Japan yesterday so that i could watch the only english-language series i truly follow here – LOST. There are so very very few good programs in english.

What’s so great about that?? Well, you will have to know that my darling husband is a huge, giant, big football fan – like i say to everybody who cares to listen:”He kissed the ground they walk on (of his favourite team – Liverpool).” & i am what is known as a ‘football widow’ (woman who is like one without a husband during football season). So this being football season, although Liverpool is not playing but they have players that are & of cos even if his team is not playing, it’s still football & this is a huge thing – World Cup – & it is being played so near to where we live now!

So i have to let the world know that my darling husband was so very very sweet & nice to give up watching a game for me to watch my show!

Now he’s contentedly watching the Switzerland vs South Korea match.

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