He peed! & haircut (bad?)

Ok i know – the subject line looks weird. Never mind here’s what’s up today:

Tobias finally peed into his potty (which is a child seat over the big loo)!! Yippy!!!!
We’ve been putting him on the potty for almost 2x months now, at regular times of the day, to get him used to the idea & to encourage him to do his business in the potty. Of cos, i’ve been told that when potty training, we (the parents) need to be brave & just go without the diaper immediately but… i was chicken so i went the long way. Now that he’s done a pee in there – i think i have the courage to try without the diaper – maybe next week. i never thot that toilet-training would depend so much more on the parent than the kid.

Here’s the part about the haircut:
We cut Tobias’ hair on Saturday – at home, ourselves. He really didn’t want to have it cut cos of the noise the haircutter was making – so i held him on my lap & Walter tried his best to cut. After about 5 mins, Tobias sort of stopped struggling & just sat there watching Veggie Tales while we tried to make it look better. What do u think of the haircut?

Of cos, he looks cute in his sunglasses too, right?


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