So so so sick for the past few days…….

After a nice refreshing day on Thursday (the last entry), Friday went ok – Tobias got a very slight fever but it went away quite quickly. Saturday was went things started to go bad …
After a nice breakfast (with the usual “chew & swallow, Tobias”), we went out to get some stuff we need for the house. Tobias seemed ok & i seemed ok & walter was ok – so we went. Tobias started to have a little fever while we were out, we quickly finished, had a quick lunch & came home. He went to sleep so did i as i was feeling really tired. Tobias woke up fine. i woke with fever & it just kept climbing from there – it hit (i think – i don’t really remember) 39.8 at some stage. We fought with sleep & panadol – didn’t help. Finally, decided we better go to see a doc on Sunday – but this is Switzerland – no doctor is open except the emergency one (we weren’t sure which one was on) & decided it was faster to just go to the hospital. We went, were there for a couple of hours (i think – again can’t really remember), remembered them taking my blood, giving me medication, doing an x-ray – all is pretty fuzzy for me then. Came home. Slept till tea, had a fruit, had dinner, slept again (again i can’t be sure).
On Monday, we had to decide if i could take care of me & Tobias while Walter is away for the whole week from Tuesday. Decision was to have him go to Ian & Jill (his Godparents) as i was still having high fever & in pain all the time. Ian & Jill so kindly agreed to have him for a couple of days (i am Forever Grateful to them!!). So Walter took him to them. Walter left yesterday for Russia. i was still having fever & pain. Oh did i mention there was also coughing & some vomiting at some stage too. At the end of yesterday, the fever went down finally. i felt better after a few days of doing nothing but eat & sleep. Today i’m still aching all over but at least no fever & am feeling lots better – enough to actually want to look at my emails …
So hopefully/prayerfully i’ll be a whole lot better by the end of today & Tobias can come home tomorrow.
i don’t remember ever being so so so sick…
My darling husband has just been wonderful through out!

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