Been ill, went to a zoo, mummy day

So after a happy birthday party, we all fell ill – Walter had the cold (he’s now recovered almost completely), Tobias – fever, bad cough & now blocked nose, me – bad sore throat & now slight cough. So we’ve all been down for almost a week now.
Here’s a pic of Tobias, lying really still on the cough, watching Japanese Anime:

The weather has been cold & raining (i really don’t know what the weather is coming too – below 10 at the end of May!!) – can’t wait for summer to get here in all it’s glorious sunshine & warmth!

On 25 May (Ascension Day – public holiday), we went to a zoo near us – (yes, even thot we were sick – well, Tobias had no more fever & didn’t have as bad a cough so…). It was an overcast day but at least no rain & a little above 12 degrees so we went. It’s called Siky Ranch Zoo – a 15min train ride from our place. It is reputed to have the only white tigers in Switzerland! The tigers were lovely to see as were the other animals. Even though the enclosures were quite large (not all were large) i still feel that there are other zoos which are better but of cos this is a small family-run place so… We had a lovely morning anyhow.
Here’s a pic of Tobias trying to feed the goats:

Today is my mummy day (i normally take a saturday) so daddy stayed home with son (he so kindly took a day off) – i went for an Introduction to BSF – Bible Study Fellowship. This is a huge thing back home in Singapore but i never got into it & now after being in Switzerland & living quite a distance from church & church activities – i’m finding a need for more input (esp when i hardly get to listen to sermons, being in Sunday School & Nursery most times). So on the recommendations of my Sunday School Coordinator & another friend (who attended BSF in Singapore), i went. So somewhere in Bern, every Thursday morning, a room full of women gather to study the Word of God. They seem to be really good with keeping time & to the task at hand. The lecture was definitely good – i learnt a few things i never knew about Genesis. They have a kids program too – so there is something for Tobias too.
Well, i’m now signed up to start with them at the beginning of the next school year (Sept 06). It will take effort on our part to get there on time, every Thursday – we’ll have to leave the house at 7.15am at the latest – Tobias normally only wakes at 7.45am or 8am so this means waking him early & feeding him breakfast on the train! But i think this will be good for me & him.

So that’s it for now – have to go prepare stuff for dinner – i’m trying out a new recipe tonight.

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