Spring has finally Sprung!!!

Yes it’s true!! We’ve had a wonderful week of warm weather with sun shining! i waited a week to post this just to make sure that it has finally happened!

Here’s a picture of Tobi playing in the sandpit (his 1st play in the sandpit), with the neighbour’s granddaughter:

This was taken on the 1st sunny day of the week – so the wind was still kinda cold, & accounts for them wearing their windbreakers.

Today was a most wonderful, warm, sunny day – & our 1st family day in a long long time – we’ve just been so busy over weekends during the past months. We took the little red train from our village up to a place called Moutier (in the French part of Switzerland). It turned out that it wasn’t a very pretty town – it had lots of buildings of interest to look at but Tobias wasn’t too interested & it involved a lot of walking so we came back after lunch. It wasn’t too exciting but it was a nice family time.
Here’s a pic of Tobi waiting for the train:


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