An Unfortunate Incident & A Fun Day

My wallet was stolen at the supermarket on Thursday (just before Good Friday).
Partly my fault (now that i’m looking back) – i normally hang my backpack at the back of Tobi’s stroller & my wallet is in the front pocket of the backpack. i’ve always done this as i have always felt it was really safe in Switzerland – i’ve never had any problems with it – till….
It was very crowded in the supermarket as everyone was buying stuff for the long Easter weekend – so there was a couple of times i had to leave the stroller at the start of an aisle & walk down a few steps to get what i needed – BIG MISTAKE! (now i know). When it was time to pay, my wallet wasn’t there!!! Panic – searched the whole supermarket – went to Lost & Found, nothing, nothing!! Sob!Sob!! Rang Walter on my mobile (get this they took the wallet & not the HP!) – he came & paid for the groceries & then we went home had a quick lunch (sobbed more over lunch) & then off to make a police report.
Lesson learnt – i’ll definately be more careful with my wallet from now on!!
This is not the 1st time i’ve lost my wallet but more certainly hurts the most as we were so trying to save money to get by a tight financial situation at the moment – sigh!
No use crying over spilled milk!! Now just be more careful & get on with replacing all the lost cards! 

Good Friday (yesterday) was a very very beautiful Spring day – it was cool in the morning but by the afternoon, the sun was out in full force & it was warm & nice. We had people over – it was fun despite the unfortunate incident above. i think we had about 16 adults & 3 kids here for the day. i set up a “Do-It-Yourself” Veggie Sushi Table. Walter cooked chicken curry, which everyone loved. There were 3x different types of salad & chicken wings & cute little baked puffs with cheese & spinach fillings. Top that with bread & rice, plus desserts of fruits & cake – it was a very very satisfying meal for all. Then some stayed for dinner too – it was great.
Here’s a little pic of some of the people who came:

Here’s a pic of some of the guys playing basketball – look carefully for the one brave lady who played with them & the new bride watching on:

Here’s one of Tobi having fun in the bath with his 2 little friends!

Today the weather is crabby again – sigh! Warmth & Sun please come soon.
So we went to the supermarket to get milk & bread & then came home for some lunch. Tobi actually fell asleep in his high-chair so we put him to bed & then we cleaned up the whole house. All 3 of us are feeling the effects of an oncoming flu – me more than the 2 boys who are asleep at the moment – which is what i should be doing after this gets posted.

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