#7DWC – Done!…

i did it! i finished the 7-Day-Writing-Challenge i started last week.

7dwc_DONE20180131Ok. Now i did not write every day and i did not meet the word goal most days BUT… i wrote 6 days out of 7, wrote about 3500 words (give or take a few) of the required 7000 and edited more than half my novel! i would say that is not bad at all and would even call it a triumph 😉

i didn’t think much about it when i started this challenge, i did it on a whim. However, it has been great to see so many people doing it and encouraging each other daily to keep writing in spite of lack of time and sleep, and even in difficult circumstances (some of which were quite hard and sad), people were writing.

Doing this challenge has enabled me to edit half my novel, which has given me the boost i needed to push ahead and get it done and then onto crit groups we will go 😀

So if you are thinking about writing, don’t think – just do it! Join a challenge like this or better still join a writing group. If a group is not your thing, find a writing bubby. i know that my writing bubby has been the one who keeps me writing and i hope i have helped her too. And it is lovely to have someone to bounce ideas off, someone to pull you out of the dumps if you fall.

Keep Calm and Write On!


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