Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign…

It is 1st November 2016 and it marks the start of the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign!

What is the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign (MACC)?

Well, last year it was called Angel Tree. The new name is so that it is immediately clear what this campaign is all about.

Every year, Reece’s Rainbow runs a Christmas season campaign to highlight some of the special needs orphans they have listed on their advocacy website. The aim is to raise awareness, as well as to raise US$1000 for each child listed on this particular campaign.

This year, i have teamed up with Sydney to advocate for ANDERSEN this Christmas season!

Meet my MACC child, ANDERSEN!

andersonANDERSEN is a sweet 9-year-old who is said to be “all boy”; he is active and full of life. He loves to dance and sing. Being a curious boy, he also asks lots of questions and is a great eater who favours sweet fruits. His special need is his Congenital Heart defect, for which he had surgery when he was very young.

He sounds like a lovely child who simply needs a loving family to bloom into a wonderful young person. But his medical condition and his orphan status put him at a disadvantage and if he remains where he is, he will not have all the opportunities he should have.

So please, help ANDERSEN; Share his story, Pray for him and Give to his adoption grant on Reece’s Rainbow this festive season. To give to his grant, click on his name or picture.

My very first fundraiser is, of course, at Angel Crafts Shop, where 50% of all sales will go to ANDERSEN‘s adoption grant for the months of November and December. So start shopping!

Sydney and i will have other fundraisers upcoming so stay tuned!

Thank you.


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