OrphanS of the Month for October… Angel Crafts Shop…

This is my second post highlighting 2 orphans each month.

i am sad to say that there has been no sales in September so we have not been able to contribute to the Reece’s Rainbow Old Child (Other Angels) Grant. But it is ok. i will just keep highlighting the children because they are the ones who need a voice to help find them a forever family.

So Meet Aubrey!

2003-sept-23rd-aubrey-262x468Audrey is 13 years old and she is said to be a kind and polite child who smiles at people every day. She also gets along well with others and is very helpful. She sounds like a very delightful child! However, her disabilities, which are so minor, have prevented her from having a family to call her own. She has anemia, nystagmus and minor delay, all of which are manageable. She just needs a caring family to blossom into a beautiful young lady. She only has 12 months before she ages out of her home country’s adoption system. So she really needs her forever family to step up for her NOW!

Aubrey has a US$3000 grant from her current agency and a US$10,000 grant from Reece’s Rainbow. So this will be very helpful to help her family in their travels to her.

Now Meet McKinley!

mckinley-collageMcKinley is described as shy, kind, helpful, friendly and obedient by the staff at her orphanage. She attends special education classes at the orphanage and her favourite subjects are art and Chinese. She likes to play with dolls and puzzles and likes dogs and kangaroos. Her best friend has been adopted by an Amercian family and she would love to be adopted too. She wishes to grow up to be a mama; isn’t that wonderful? Her special needs are growth, developmental and mental delays, all are easily managed. She has 19 months till she ages out of her country’s adoption system. So she needs a loving family to step forward for her really soon.

McKinley has a US$10,000 grant from Reece’s Rainbow which will be given out when the family receives travel dates.

Please help Aubrey and McKinley to get their stories out there; please share their need for a family with as many as possible. Please do pray for them. And last but not least, you can shop at Angel Crafts Shop to help grow the Reece’s Rainbow grant which is being given to these girls when their families come and get them. 50% of all sales at Angel Crafts Shop will be given to the grant.

Please click on their names or pictures to find out more about each girl.

Thank you very much.


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