Charity Auction for Andersen… Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign 2016…

So we are a week into the MACC (Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign), ANDERSEN‘s adoption grant has grown by US$126. We have 10% of our target amount. THANK YOU all who have given generously.

Andersen, 9 years old, waiting for his forever family.

On Tuesday, i started a Charity Auction for ANDERSEN on Facebook. If you have Facebook, please follow this link to the auction and take part there.

If you do not have Facebook, don’t worry because i will be posting the auction here as well so that those without Facebook can take part too.

To take part in this auction, simply comment below with the name of your chosen item/s, together with your email address and your bid. i will keep you updated the gallery below on the progress of bids every 3 days.

Starting bids have been suggested. Please bid in increments of US$1, no cents please.

This auction runs from 8 November to 29 November.

Winners will be notified via email and payment and postage will be arranged via email also. i will bear all postage costs.

Please help me make this a very successful auction by sharing it with all your friends.

Please click on the pictures below to get details of each item.

Do remember you can also make purchases at Angel Crafts Shop, where 50% of all sales goes to ANDERSEN‘s grant.

Thank you very much.


4 Replies to “Charity Auction for Andersen… Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign 2016…”

    1. Susan Dewhirst, the CURRENT BID on the Floral Statement Necklace is US$12. Would you like to counter-bid? Please supply your email so i can be in touch more efficiently. Thank you.


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