Spring Glorious Spring…

Spring has sprung! 

We moved into our new place a little over a year ago but with all the teething issues of an old house with new technology, i didn’t really soak in how wonderful it is to have a little patch of green at the back of the house.

Now the wild flowers have come up and my first tulip has opened, i am sooooo loving my garden! But i must qualify that i have done absolutely nothing to the garden since we moved in so it is all Mother Nature’s doing 😉 (that’s due to change as my boy and i are deciding on what plant / flowers / bulbs to plant in one little corner).

So happy i am (think Cheshire Cat) with these beautiful blossoms, i can’t resist sharing some lovely pictures with you. Enjoy!

springglorious20160407a springglorious20160407b springglorious20160407c

PS: i am so rubbish with plant names so if someone could enlighten me with some names of the above flowers, i would be most grateful. They are all wild flowers. Thanks.


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