JASPER’s Last Few Days Before…

Keep praying for JASPER - he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.
Keep praying for JASPER – he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.

The precious boy we have been shouting out for this year has run out of time… he has JUST 4 DAYS till he becomes unadoptable!

BUT it is not a lost battle – JASPER has been prayed for by so many and i know the Lord has heard and the Lord has a plan for him and whatever that plan might be, we may never know about it, it will be good because the Lord will go with JASPER always!

i am sad and very disappointed. However, i must keep the faith that what we have done is not in vain. That the funds we raised for JASPER, even though it will not be used for JASPER, it will benefit another precious child.

The Lord hears our prayers so please continue to PRAY for JASPER. Pray for his future, pray for the Lord to guide his steps and provide loving people to come into his life and care for him. Pray that the Lord would provide a family for JASPER, even if it is not the conventional family we would imagine for him.

i know first hand that a family doesn’t have to be a mummy, a daddy and children. i have lived away from home and know that family is whoever loves you and will put your interests ahead of their own. Labels don’t matter that much. It is the love.

And this is the prayer i pray for JASPER, that he will know love, the love of people in his life, the love of the Lord and that he will learn to love others in return. Because love wins.


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