New Collection at Angel Crafts Shop…

It’s Glad Rags and Knick Knacks, handmade by my dear friend, Alan, in support of the precious children i advocate for.

This is a collection of Kanzashi flowers, made from left-over / recycled cloth and whatever materials he can get his hands on. And for this reason, the flower hairclips in this collection can NOT be recreated and are truly one of a kind.

Alan makes them during his spare time, in between being an amazing Occupational Therapist and a caring husband to my beloved sister (not blood-related and even closer than that) as well as a doting father to my godson.

This is also a collection where the hairclips are sold individually and NOT as pairs, like my other collections/editions.

Here are a few of my favourites from the Glad Rags and Knick Knacks Collection:

i love checkered patterns! Do you?
i love checkered patterns! Do you?
This is just so stunning...
This material is just stunning…
That soft coral colour just makes me happy...
i smile when i see this soft coral colour…

Have a browse, make a purchase and remember 50% of all sales goes towards Cody’s adoption grant in the month of September!

Thank you.


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