NEW Christmas Items & Specials… Angel Crafts Shop…

As promised, tomorrow i’m off to the Living-In-Luzern (LiL) Christmas Market. So this evening, i’m revealing the 6 NEW Christmas Items i have on Angel Crafts Shop.

Here they are (click on the pictures to go to the item’s page to see more and order):

First up, a traditional 5-rounded-petal Kanzashi Flower Hairclip in traditional Christmassy pattern and gold sparkles.


A little less showy but nevertheless very pretty Holly themed Suffolk Puff with an eye-catching red center.


Then we have a lovely 2 flower Kanzashi Hairband.


Now for a whole new category – WALL ART!

Yep, i experimented and used cloth-ends and cut-aways to create lovely pieces of collages with Christmas themes.

20151126a_WA_orangeblue_star 20151126c_WA_pinkpurple_tree 20151126b_WA_redgreen_snowflake

So what do you think of the new items? Like them? Well, get them before they get snatched up at the LiL Christmas Market tomorrow.

Speaking of which, here are the specials from Angel Crafts Shop, especially for the LiL Christmas Market!!

Make a purchase from Angel Crafts Shop at the LiL Christmas Market and get a 20% Voucher to use for your next purchase!
There’s a special CHF 3/. ONLY bowl. Come down and check it out!
The cloth-covered Christmas Ornaments are on discount!
And of course, the LUCKY DRAW! Simply visit Angel Crafts Shop at the LiL Christmas Market, fill in the form to stand a chance to win!

i’m off to get my beauty sleep… see you at the Grand Hotel National in Luzern for the LiL Christmas Market tomorrow and Sunday!


NEW Glad Rags and Knick-Knacks… Angel Crafts Shop…

Yes, the summer weather does energies me and here i am with more new items on Angel Crafts Shop! This time it’s from the Glad Rags and Knick Knacks collection which my dear friend, Alan, makes, in support of the precious orphans. (See our Orphan of the Month here.)

Click on the pictures of the items to go that item’s page:

20150602a_GR_PtKz_HC_Bronze 20150602a_GR_PtKz_HC_frostedPink 20150602b_GR_PtKz_HC_Cream 20150602b_GR_PtKz_HC_frostedRed 20150602c_GR_PtKz_HC_frostedBronze 20150602c_GR_PtKz_HC_Silver 20150602d_GR_PtKz_HC_frostedGold 20150609a_GR_RdKz_Brooch_Bronze 20150609b_GR_RdKz_Brooch_Gold 20150609d_GR_RdKz_Brooch_Purple

Aren’t these just so glittering-ly pretty? i love them! And remember because they are made from recycled cloth, there is unlikely to be another like it! So head to Angel Crafts Shop and make a purchase in support of special needs orphans.



New Collection at Angel Crafts Shop…

It’s Glad Rags and Knick Knacks, handmade by my dear friend, Alan, in support of the precious children i advocate for.

This is a collection of Kanzashi flowers, made from left-over / recycled cloth and whatever materials he can get his hands on. And for this reason, the flower hairclips in this collection can NOT be recreated and are truly one of a kind.

Alan makes them during his spare time, in between being an amazing Occupational Therapist and a caring husband to my beloved sister (not blood-related and even closer than that) as well as a doting father to my godson.

This is also a collection where the hairclips are sold individually and NOT as pairs, like my other collections/editions.

Here are a few of my favourites from the Glad Rags and Knick Knacks Collection:

i love checkered patterns! Do you?
i love checkered patterns! Do you?
This is just so stunning...
This material is just stunning…
That soft coral colour just makes me happy...
i smile when i see this soft coral colour…

Have a browse, make a purchase and remember 50% of all sales goes towards Cody’s adoption grant in the month of September!

Thank you.