Proud Writer Mummy Moment…

Last Friday i visited Tobias’ class to observe how the class is run and what happens for him in a morning at school. Unfortunately his regular teacher was ill so i observed an irregular class – but all that may be in another post.

This post is about the moment i was so very proud of my little (not so little) boy!

He had written a story, every child was asked to write a story of their own creation. He was supposed to have read it out loud (the grammatically/spelling/punctuation corrected version) on Thursday but he was ill so didn’t and so he got to read it while i was there. Silly me was so wrapped up in observing the class and listening to him that i forgot to video him. He read it so well, with different voices for the characters and different expressions.

Anyhow, here’s the original non-corrected version of his story.

His handwriting, spelling etc... is not great but i LOVE the story!
His handwriting, spelling etc… is not great but i LOVE the story!

And as it is likely his writing is difficult to read and it is in German, i will translate (with as little correction and change to language/tone as possible) it here:

Tirtouga and the Lost Animal

Once a robber (bandit) was looking for the White Cat. “When i have the White Cat, i will control the world! Muhahahaha!”

Today in the forest, all the animals are celebrating the birthday of the White Cat. As always, Tirtouga went to the White Cat’s hut to see if she is there. He knocked on the door. No one opened.

“Hm… normally the White Cat would have answered by now.” said Tirtouga.

He knocked again. No one opened. He pushed on the door. It opened. Then he saw that the White Cat was missing!

“i have to tell the others.” said Tirtouga.

“Everyone, the White Cat is missing!” said Tirtouga. Everyone panicked.

The fox said, “i have seen the robber (bandit). She is dressed in strips.”

“Hm… dressed in strips. i wonder who that could be.”

“i have seen something too.” said the Tiger. “Something big. It came out of the bushes. It was big.”

Everyone yelled, “The Big Mole!”

“There he is carrying on his back the White Cat! We must tie his legs together.” said Tirtouga.

So they all tied the Big Mole’s legs together and the Big Mole fell down!

“Ya!” shouted everyone. “The Big Mole is dead.”

And everything is back to normal. They celebrate the White Cat’s birthday.

The End.

i am such a proud mummy! Don’t you think it is a great story??

i asked him to write another one about this White Cat or Tirtouga. He said he won’t. But we’ll see 😉


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