Family Is Love…

Photo Credit: Found on Pinterest from
Photo Credit: Found on Pinterest from

That is what i, along with a whole bunch of other orphan advocates, want for these special needs orphans whom we shout out about all the time.

They, like every child on earth, deserves to be loved and know what love is and show that they, too, can love when shown how to.

That is the reason we are running the BIRTHDAY ONLINE AUCTION for SHANE and WESLEY.

The auction’s aim is that people will see Shane and Wesley, help them grow their adoption grant (through bids on the items, payment goes into their adoption grant) and to SHARE their STORY so that their forever family might see them and come for them. (Click on their names to read their stories.)

Have you checked the auction out yet? No? Well then, please click here to check it out. Just another 5 MORE DAYS!

If you have taken part in our auction, we thank you and ask you to please share it with your friends.

We would also ask that you would pray along with us for Shane and Wesley. Pray that their forever family will come for them as soon as possible – they have but less than 12 months before they become adoptable.

Thank you.


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