Last Day of School…

Today is the last day of school… they had a wonderful last week at school.

On Wednesday, they went to the fresh market in town with their teacher and bought fruits and vegetables for an Apero (a light snack-type thing) on Friday (today). Yesterday (Thursday), they (only the 2nd graders) were invited to lunch at their teacher’s home. i think it is so sweet that the teachers here do go to such efforts to express how much they do like the children and enjoy their job.

This also signals that Tobias will be moving onto 3rd grade next school year with a brand-new teacher. Fingers crossed and knees bended that his 3rd grade teacher would be as understanding and patient as this current one has been.

There is one teacher we are sure to see again for the next school year – his violin teacher, Herr Steiner. Yep, we will be carrying on with violin lessons for another year 🙂 i remember how excited he was for his first violin lesson.

The week before we played at our last concert of this school year. We had played at the Christmas 2012 Concert and another small concert at the neighbouring village. This last one was in our own village and it went quite well. It has been exciting, nerve-wrecking (for me at least) and very humbling to be learning and getting such opportunities even when i’ve been out of school for so long.

Here are just a couple of photos:

It was a lovely venue at the local church.
It was a lovely venue at the local church.

After this rather long (12 weeks) term, we are very ready for a holiday 😀


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