Please Pray…

i learnt about sweet Teresa a few days ago and have been praying for her every day since and every time i sit down at the computer i pray for her. i am pleading with the Lord of Heaven and Earth to extend His Amazing Healing Hand and heal her, heal Teresa’s heart so that it would beat strong again. i pray that He would bring her back to full health so that she can fully enjoy the love of the family who crossed oceans to bring her home 3 years ago. They love her so very very much and are not ready to let her go home to Heaven yet.

i should explain a little about Teresa’s condition.

She has CHD (Congential Heart Disease) and recently received a transplant. But there were problems with the donor heart; issues with ventricle function. The doctors went back in to try to fix the problem. They did their best and now the left ventricle is functioning but the right one is having problems. They are giving the whole heart a rest so they have her on ECMO (a machine which serves like a replacement for her heart and lungs when they can’t function at their best).

Keep praying that the Lord brings healing to Teresa.

This is the latest update from her family:

Everything Teresa has been through and she is still fighting! Today she could not come off ECMO because her right side of the heart is not working. There are two different views as to why this is happening. One – her pulmonary pressure is too high , two- -just poor right ventricle function, rejection. She will have a cath. to try and figure this out. First her lungs are VERY wet and need to improve . She is also having Arrhythmia. All her other numbers look good . She is peeing and her kidney function has improved .

She is fighting so hard to live. Just like everything Teresa does she never gives up until she gets things done her way . She is really trying right now to be the BOSS. Please share and ask EVERYONE to pray . Watching her like this is very hard.

I keep reminding myself that Jesus LOVES Teresa far more than I will ever be able to. HE is looking at her life from Heaven and I can only see it from earth.

He surely must know that I need her in my arms right now more than HE needs her in His.

This is a photo of Teresa on her First Holly Communion Day. She was given special permission because of her age. She said she loved Jesus so much she was going to MARRY Him! This is the day she married Jesus.

Please please pray for little Teresa. You can follow her journey here. If you have committed to praying for Teresa, you can join this Facebook group to keep updated.

Dear Lord, hold Teresa and her heart in Your Hands. Help her heart to function as it should, strong and in good rhythm. i pray that the Lord grant her doctors wisdom to give her the right treatment. i pray that Jesus brings comfort to her family as they try to patiently wait for her to get better. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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