Blog Blitz for Brett…

Who is Brett?, you ask.

This is Brett about 2 years ago.

Well, Brett is an eleven-year-old boy who has never known what it is like to have a mummy or a daddy, never been loved for who he is, never had a place to call home, never had his own toys or even had a piece of clothing to call his own.


Because Brett was abandoned the moment he was born. He wasn’t left at the hospital or on the steps of an orphanage. He was left to die in an open field. A stranger (whom i believe was sent by God) came upon him and brought him to the hospital after he was already hypothermic, in shock and covered in bug bites. He is such a fighter. He recovered and has had to deal with bouts of bronchitis and other illnesses as a young child. But he still fights on.

At this moment he is an orphan with Down Syndrome and Alopecia (hair loss) and no other health issue.

His biggest issue now is that he has waited so many long lonely years for a family. And still he waits. He deserves a family, like any other child. He needs a family to help him walk the rest of his journey on this earth.

This is the most recent picture of Brett. See the change? Life in an adult mental institution has taken its toll.

Brett suffers from many delays as a result of spending over 10 years in an institutionalized setting.   He walks, plays with toys, communicates using gestures and interact with adults at will. He is NOT aggressive. It is believed that he will do very well in a loving family.

Are you that loving family who could care for him and show him the love he needs? If you are, if you feel that maybe, then please do contact Reece’s Rainbow and find out more.

You don’t have to adopt to do something for Brett. You can pray for him; pray for his needs to be met where he is. Because where he is, the carers can really only afford to give him the very basics such as food, water and shelter. They are so limited by the resources they have; they can not provide any educational opportunities or therapy for him at all.

You can also help to grow his adoption grant so that when his forever family comes for him. They will have less of a hurdle reaching him. The country he is in is not known for domestic adoptions of special needs children, so his chances of a family lay outside his home country, which means a very very expensive international adoption. You can contribute by clicking on his name or picture to get to his profile page and donate button.

You can follow Katie from Crazy-Are We There Yet? ‘s example. She cares for him so much, she shouts out for him all the time and tells everyone she knows about Brett so that his chances of finding a family are increased through her constant sharing. However, she is one person with a limited network of people. BUT if we all joined her in shouting out for Brett, (that’s what this blog blitz is about) we can seriously increase the chances of his family seeing him. So join in the shouting and the sharing!

Here are more people who are shouting out for Brett (i’ll add more as more people post their links):

Thank you.


2 Replies to “Blog Blitz for Brett…”

  1. Beautiful, thank you so much. I’m convinced by the time I’m done reading these I’m going to be crying a river. A happy one, for all the love that has been poured out for sweet Brett today.


    1. You are most welcomed! i’m just adding my voice to a big shout out which you had already started! Praying that this helps Brett find a forever family.


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