Many Hands… We Need…

Yep, that’s what we need… many hands and hearts… you have heard the saying, “Many Hands make Light Work.” and i’m sure you would agree it is true – yes?

Recently i have been full on helping families who are adopting and shouting out for waiting children who need their families to step up for them. And it is hard work and a lot of the times, it seems like it has no effect, it made no difference. But it does! i was reminded by Char at Joy in the Moments:

When we are kind to others, our teaspoon fractions add up to delicious overflowing honey. We don’t have to wait for big things to pool our efforts (like natural disasters). We can make a difference each day through small, compassionate acts (a smile, a kind word, a listening ear). Think of what a great impact millions of these acts done around the world each day would make.

She speaks about what we can learn from bees in this post. Did you know that a single bee can only produce 1/12 teaspoon of honey? Wow, that really is a tiny bit. But have you seen how the hives are stock full of honey?! It is because every little bee did their teeny little part and it all adds up.

So i’m asking you today to lend a hand, help with your small compassionate act; help Jon and Angela bring home not just one little boy but TWO! That’s right, they are now bringing home Jensen as well as Jack.

Help Jon&Angela reach Jensen…

Jensen is a sweet quiet yet friendly child who is calm and loves people, animals, nature and crafts. He has CP but that does not define him. Jensen has told visitors that he is worried he will not get a family by his next birthday (July this year). You see, Jensen is aging out – he is only 13 years old but in a few months he will not be adoptable!

BUT… NOW he has a family coming for him and they are working their very very hardest to reach him and Jack in time.

Jack needs to come home asap…

Jack is also living on borrowed time. Jack does not have the medical care or protection his needs for his skin condition, which has likely led to cancerous lesions already. He needs to come home asap and get treatment! Most children with his condition do not live to adulthood. But he has survived all these years without treatment, he needs it now more than ever. (You can read more about Jack in my interview-post here.)

Would you please lend your hand and help these boys come home to the family they so richly deserve and need?

Here’s how you can help:

Fundraisers – you can take part in the following fundraisers:

1) Jack’s 8th Birthday Bash – celebrate the life of this little boy by giving him a little boost in his adoption grant! There is a whole array of thank-you gifts for your generosity, including a brand new iPad! Ends 31st March.

2) Tupperware Fundraiser – i LOVE Tupperware! They are such amazing products and so useful to have around. Please do some shopping here and Jack & Jensen will get 40% (plus 15% which is the normal commission of the lady hosting this but she is also giving this to the boys so it is a total 55%) of the sales. End Date – uncertain at time of writing.

3) Springtime Fundraiser – It is time to celebrate new birth. How appropriate that Jack & Jensen will, in a way, be birth into their new family. Please show the boys that they are loved, contribute to their adoption grant and give them a colourful Easter egg wall to remember you by. There are also lovely thank-you items for this fundraiser. See here. Ends 1st April.

4) Masterpiece Quilts are giving 20% of their sales to Jon&Angela when you purchase from them and state at check-out that it is for the Jon&Angela adopting Jack&Jensen. Please go here to see what wonderful quilts they make! The young girl who makes these has Down Syndrome and therefore would like to help other special needs children. (Note: they are currently on holiday but will be back in a week so do check back.)

Giving – you give directly to their adoption grant here.

Praying – please please pray for the expedited paperwork to go smoothly, for the officials handling the paperwork to have compassion and do their work right so Jack & Jensen can come home really quickly!

Sharing – please share this post far and wide so many more hands can help.

Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and generosity.


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