Wesley Wednesday #02…

So this is my second post for Wesley Wednesdays…

Wesley has such a gentle spirit, even in his difficult situation. He needs a family who will help nurture that wonderful kind spirit within him.

In case, you are new to this blog or haven’t read about Wesley. Wesley is an orphan who lives in Asia. My son and i pray for him everyday; we pray for his daily needs and most importantly, we pray for a family for him. Wesley‘s family had to leave him – we don’t know why but it likely had something to do with his medical condition; Wesley has albinism and related vision problems.

Besides praying and sharing his story, we are also helping to grow his adoption grant. Wesley‘s best chances for a loving family who have the ability care for him and the heart to love him just as he is likely lies outside his home country. So that means an international adoption, which are known to be very very expensive, anywhere from US$20,000 to US$45,000. It’s crazy, isn’t it? That trying to bring an orphan into a loving family, which every child deserves, can costs so very much.

Many ask why they should contribute to Wesley‘s grant. My answer is borrowed from a couple who is on a journey to bring home a 12-year boy from Eastern Europe. (Wesley is also 12 years-old). So i quote Tania from 1,000 Loving Jack:

The magnitude of his needs are so much greater than ours.

Now some people might think that this is helping orphans business is not for me. It is not my business. But here again i quote Tania:

If we didn’t step forward and make this commitment to save him, then who was?

She and her husband are bravely stepping forward and adopting Jack. Not everyone is called to adopt. But we are all called to help the needy.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27

i am asking for your help here; to help Wesley to grow his adoption grant so that a lack of funds would not be the reason that his forever family can not reach him. i have a special giveaway for Wesley, running from now till December 3rd. You get a chance to be entered into a draw for some lovely items while helping a little boy who is unable to do anything to change his situation for himself. Please click here to go to the Precious One Giveaway for Wesley.

You can also click on Wesley‘s name or picture to learn more about his story.

There are other ways you can help Wesley; you can pray for him, for his daily needs, for his forever family to find him. You can also share his story far and wide so that the chances of his forever family finding him would increase. Sharing his story and my giveaway would also give you a free entry into the draw.

Thank you so much.


P.S.: Please go here to follow Tania’s and her husband’s adoption journey: Q & A Session « 1,000 Loving Jack.

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