1st Day of Nano 2012…

Ahh… in 5 minutes the 1st day of Nanowrimo would be over. i supposed to have written 1677 words and i have…

… 0 words…

i have a storyline, i have characters i quite like so why didn’t i write. Well, there are many reasons; today is a public holiday and we are lazing at home, husband just back from a long business trip, enjoying family time, wasting time on FB, etc…

One of the many reasons is i hate the title i have given my story. Ok, so it is not the most important thing when starting a story but you have to admit a good catchy title can signal a good start – yes?

Anyhow, here’s a nice little article about ideas for story titles; my favourite is “10. Eavesdrop on people’s conversations, in cafe’s, shops, sometimes, someone will come out with a gem.”. Have a read, i hope it will help you too; Generating Titles | The View Outside.

Now off to begin Day 02 of Nano – hopefully to catch up on lost words.


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