More Self-Scanning… and… It’s Snowing!!

It’s not rain, it’s snow!

It’s October and it has been snowing since this afternoon. Now it’s chucking down big fat flakes with big gusts of wind to boot! My camera is just crap in low light so this was the best picture i could get. Just wanted to have this down on record 😉

UPDATE (evening of October 28th 2012):

We woke up to a layer of white covering almost everything, except the streets. Lovely! There was even more snow in Luzern! Have a look…

L to R: White covering almost everything this morning. Tobias with one of his many snowballs made today. Love the way the snow sits on those bikes!

Now onto warmer things like food… more specifically, supermarket food shopping!

Back in July i wrote about one of the major supermarkets, Coop,  having a self-scanning system. We used it and liked it. Actually, my son loved it. Read about it here.

Subito EinkaufstascheSo when the other big supermarket, Migros, make renovations to install a self-scanning system, needless to say, my little guy was over the moon. In fact, he went as far as to say he would like to come supermarket shopping with me and would stay by me and not go to the toy department. Now that is a big thing for him to give up… 😉

The Migros self-scanning system is called “Subito”. You can read all about it here (in German, French or Italian only).

i actually prefer the Migros system to the Coop one. First of all, the registration is painless; simply scan your Migros Cumulus card (points collection card), no form to fill in (compared with the Coop system). Once the card is scanned, a device lights up and that is yours. Pick it up and begin scanning. Once done with shopping, simply go to the checkout, scan a special Finish barcode they have there. Return the device to any slot. Go to a self-checkout station. Scan your Cumulus card again. Scan any special coupons you might have, make payment and off you go. There is always one staff on hand to help you if you have any trouble at all.

Ok, the differences between the 2 systems are really small but somehow, i prefer the Migros one.

Well, you go try it (if you live in Switzerland that is) and then tell me what you prefer.


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