Down Syndrome Awareness Month…

Chromosome 21 from Human Genome Program
Chromosome 21 from Human Genome Program (Photo credit: Wikipedia) which causes Down Syndrome.

It is Down Syndrome Awareness Month in the US… and you may have heard of Buddy Walks and other events linked with this campaign to build awareness of the wonderful and unique individuals who have that extra chromosome…

Here’s a link to the NDSS website with links to some of these events – NDSS, DS Awareness Month October.

i don’t have first-hand experiences with Down Syndrome and have had only very limited interactions with people with Down Syndrome. i remember a little girl who is my cousin a few times removed (she is my 3rd Uncle’s wife’s niece or something like that – i was little and don’t remember exactly). Even though i only saw her a couple of times and had limited interaction with her and i was little, she left a great impression on me. The one thing which stood out for me was her smile and how warm and sincere it was and how her eyes light up with every smile.

i have always tried my best to treat every person with respect, young, old, able or disable. i hope i have been able to do so and have not unknowingly hurt anyone, especially someone with a disability such as Down Syndrome. i hope too that i have been an example to my son.

My favourite line from that video is:

All those with Down Syndrome have feelings, thoughts, interests, hopes and know what they want from life. Most, with support, lead interesting, independent and fulfilling adult lives.

i believe all of us need support to lead fulfilling lives; we all need a little more help every now and then. So why not give a little extra support to those who may need it a little more?

Do you know someone with Down Syndrome or has a child with Down Syndrome? Have you shied away from offering your friendship and help?

Don’t worry about it. Step up and let them know that you are there and can be counted on to support them in some small way. Most would be glad to have that support.

You can also choose to step up that little extra for orphans with Down Syndrome (as well as other disabilities)… Reece’s Rainbow is one such organisation which helps these orphans who have less chances of finding a family because of their disability. Reece’s Rainbow focuses on orphans in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, where they are likely to be lacking in facilities and opportunities.

Right now, Reece’s Rainbow has a chance to get more funding for these orphans. They have chosen 10 orphans to get a US$5000 boost in their adoption grant (which helps their forever families reach them faster) if Reece’s Rainbow gets enough votes to win 1st place in the Cultivate Wines US$50,000 grant. You can help by voting daily! Click here for details or click here to vote directly. Thanks so much.

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!


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