3 Lost Boys at 47…

i was not planning to post today. But i read this post at A Little Lemonade and knew i just had to join my voice with the others and shout out to the world about the Lost Boys at Orphanage 47.

Orphanage 47 is a mental institution for special needs boys aged 6-18 years old. When they reach the age of 18, they will be transferred to an adult mental institution. Where the boys are right now, they do not have the privilege of toys or books or even nice furniture. They sit in their chairs, all in the same room all day when the weather is bad. When the weather is good, they sit in their chairs in an outdoor shed. Doing… nothing… simply sitting and staring…

There are a lot of lost boys in this orphanage. However, only 3 have been listed as available for adoption. We don’t know the reason why only these 3 but i am grateful that at least they have been listed and that we can advocate for and pray for them.

So join me today in praying for Hanson, Heath and Porter, and in sharing their stories, please.

7-year old Hanson needs a family to love him.

Hanson is 7-years old and really needs a family to see to his medical needs so that he can do much better. He has US$2314 in his adoption grant. A little over US$190 more and he will be listed in the Sizable Grant category where he can get more notice. Please do help where you can.

11 years old Heath, is a cutie who needs his family asap.

Heath – my little Heath, my prayer warrior child, 11-years old and waiting so very many years already. He needs someone to love him and care for him and show him that he matters. He has US$9133.94 in his adoption grant, that’s almost halfway to a full grant. Share his story.

7-year old Porter needs to be in a loving family environment and not in a mental institution.

Porter – he is the one who has moved hearts and prompted this outpouring of posts for the boys of Orphanage 47. He is HIV+ and his delays are likely (unconfirmed) are a result of his institutionalisation. This 7-year is a recent transfer and i dare say is not doing well, being away from his wonderful baby house where he got presents and was engaged in activities. He has US$2050.60 in his adoption grant. Pray for him.

We need God to move hearts and hands and feet and mountains. We need God to bring these 3 boys their families. It will not only benefit them, but the other lost boys at 47 too. Because when their families come for them, the carers and the director of the institution would hopefully realise that there are families out there for these boys and more boys would be listed as available for adoption.

So please, if you have considered expanding your family, would you think about whether one of these boys could be yours? Would you please pray for their daily needs and for their forever families to come for them today? Could you share their stories, advocate for them so that more will see/hear about them and hopefully their families can be found?

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2 Replies to “3 Lost Boys at 47…”

  1. Wow. Parenting is a tough job as it is. For a parent to choose to adopt a child with special needs, my complete respect and love go to those families. I have friends who adopted a child who had been in 40 foster homes. It’s a gift they found each other.


    1. Yes parenting isn’t easy & caring for a special needs child has added burdens but i believe & from what i have read, there are wonderful blessings in having a special needs child too… it changes your perspective on life… usually for the better 🙂 i glad to know that your friends have found a great child to welcome into their lives…


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