Bike Days – Swiss National Bike Festival…

A couple of weekends ago, Bike Days, was held in our little town of Solothurn, Switzerland. The Swiss are so big on biking that there is a national festival for it and amazingly, our small baroque town hosts this apparently large event. We had never gone and would not have gone this year if not for the fact that Tobias needed a new bike helmet (it is obligatory to wear one when riding here).

It was a 3-day event. We paid CHF10/. per adult to get in – children under 10 did not pay. There were bike races; cross-country and a few others. There were trick bike displays and jumping competitions. You could also test-ride some bikes. Everyone involved in the bike industry seemed to be there; people dealing with the body of the bike, makers of wheels, companies which provide spare parts, others in the sports-clothing industry and of course shops selling helmets. i never expected it to be such a big thing.

i saw competitors come from as far as Russia. Even a small thing (for me it was a small matter) such as cleaning products for your bike was on display. We are not really all that big on biking, at least i’m not. The man and the boy like it well enough. So we didn’t stay long and i can’t tell you too much, as such i will leave you with a picture summary of our visit.

Left: A place for competitors to wash their bikes, Right: Crowds lining to get in
Bikes and Helmets Galore!
Left: Solothurner Biker making her last turn, Right: Future Competitor?
Left: Tricks Display, Right: The Russian Team Van


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