21 Days of Hope at Reece’s Rainbow…

In my continued efforts for special needs orphans, i would like to highlight Reece’s Rainbow’s 21 Days of Hope.

Grab This!

Reece’s Rainbow is a completely non-profit organisation, dedicated to helping special needs orphans and the families who wish to adopt them. As with all non-profit¬†organisations, they try their very best to keep their admin costs at a low. However, things such as office supplies, payment for website, publicity to reach new donors, international phone calls to agencies etc… all need money. This is a truly worthy cause – they help the little ones who have no voice, they help the little ones who have been deemed unfit for society just because they have special needs, they give a voice to the ones who need it the most.

So please do consider donating just US$21 to this wonderful organisation which has already helped to home over 650 special needs children in just 6 years. Please help them to do more. Click here to find out more about their Voice of Hope Fund which is where your US$21 will go.

Thank you so very much.

Please also remember to keep praying for little Heath and little Heather whom i pray specifically for and contribute towards their adoption if you can. (See this post.)


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