Literary Happenings…

So November is over & that means the crazy finger-numbing typing has stopped 😉
And the result is … see for yourselves below:


The story is only half done… hoping to finish in a couple of months – *fingers crossed* seeing that I haven't yet actually finished any of the stories I have written…

The other exciting happening is – I attended my very first Book Club *super happy*
Discussed The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen.

I like the book, love the magical elements, love how she uses candy to carry the emotions of the characters, great use of words and metaphors. A lovely story.

I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the book with 6 other wonderful ladies. They brought to the table issues and themes in the book I did not even give a second thought to. It is so nice to be in a lively discussion about written words… i missed that so much 😉
Looking forward to the next one!


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