The Closing of An Era…

 … ok that was a little melodramatic ðŸ˜‰

This has indeed been a year of changes… good changes? bad changes? i don’t think they are necessarily good or bad – but they are changes, which i now can see, will lead to a better path…

March & April saw me (just me, Sandra) being scared, frightened, lost, angry, frustrated, upset, uncertain, sad, accepting, enlightened & now in a better place…

So what happened? (Most of my friends, living in Switzerland, would have heard about this already)

1st of all, i was slapped with a HUGE traffic fine for doing a stupid thing – going down a residential road, thinking all residential roads are 50km/h – NOPE! This one was 30km/h – i was rushing down it, trying not to be late to open the book stand for an important exhibition so needless to say i was caught on camera & cos it was 20km/h above, i was also charged with a criminal offence!

i was scared when i read that letter, mainly cos there was a law passed that criminals would be deported without trial the year before. Or so that’s how i understood the law – me & my poor German skills (legal terms are just difficult). Thank God – i have a friend who explained things to me & i calmed down.
Then came another letter – this time saying i drove without a license. But i had my International one. So that same friend – God bless her – helped me again & wrote back to say i have an International one. They wrote back & said not valid as i failed the conversion test 8 years ago – 8 years ago when i understood almost zero German. We assumed an International one was fine as we have shown it to police doing spot-checks before & they said nothing.
Anyhow, so i can no longer legally drive in Switzerland – closure of my driving era in Switzerland – close at least until i go & take the Swiss one, from the very beginning. Which led me to another closure – closure of my book biz. Without being able to drive, it would be very difficult to do book fairs – especially for schools which is my core business. i tried it for a small school – it was too hard. So the floodgate of emotions flowed…
It took me a while but i came to realise – God helped me to realise – that it is all for the better – it is time to move on. You see, Tobias’ teacher had highlighted he was having problems in Kindi (or she was having problems with him) 10 weeks after he 1st started Kindi in Aug 2009. After several times going back & fore, we finally went for the evaluation she asked for. The "school" doctor announced Tobias as definitely having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in less than an hour of examination & recommended Ritalin while denying the side-effects of this anti-psychotic drug on children & declaring that (in the doc’s words) "Either give him the Ritalin or become socially unacceptable".  Since then, we have gone for a second opinion (which confirmed the diagnosis but recommended alternatives) & gone the non-drug route. 
However, ever since the diagnosis came, i have been thinking i should be setting aside more time to help Tobias & to read more about alternative treatments & what we can do at home to help him. i bought loads of books but i didn’t have the time to read them at all, with running the house & the business. So i was thinking at the end of last year, i would slow down the business. Except that i made a tiny tiny profit (finally after 4 years) & it went to my head & i started January thinking i would expand the business. But i knew that God had indicated that slowing down was the way to go. i pushed it to the back of my mind. So i got my head knocked hard! Losing the right to drive drove the slow down! 
Really, i need to learn to listen to God more & not go off on my own cos God knows best – He has to, He’s the Creator of the Universe!
Any which way, i now see the point God is trying to make – it is time to focus on the family – which is what i plan to do from now on. Indeed i should focus more on listening to God’s direction for my life 🙂
Here’s to new directions & following God’s directions *cheers*

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