Oodles of SNOW….

That is absolutely NOT an understatement we have had really massive amounts of snow – i remember only so much snow maybe for a week or 2 weeks last winter when my parents were here & the very 1st year we were here (8 years ago – can u believe that?!).

So we had a great big dump of snow about 2 weeks ago & last night it started snowing in the evening, quite heavily with strong winds – it looked like horizontal snow for a few hours & has only just stopped about a half hour ago – so that was continuous snowing for more than 12 hours.

Getting to school that 1st snow day 2 weeks ago was simply a slow but fairly amusing process as the kids simply could not resist playing in & with the snow – snowballs were flew left, right & centre for some of the way. We had to climb over little hills of snow. This morning it was pretty much the same thing. The kids are absolutely thrilled to bits with the snow 😉

i must say it is not a nice day for a drive. We saw a delivery truck trying to get unstuck from the snowbank on the side of the road – i think he drove a little too close to the snow that was piled up on the side of the road and could not move forward after that. Snow plods, snow blowers & people shoveling their driveway & digging their cars out of the snow made up today’s scene on the roads. If you had to park your car outside last night without shelter, then you would have a good 25cm to 30cm of snow to dig your car out of – the snow came up to the number plates on most cars.

i missed taking pictures of the snow 2 weeks ago – here are pictures of Today’s snow:

This is right outside the front door of our building:

These are our big dumpsters outside – look at the amount of snow on them!

Here u can see where the snow comes up to on the ground – they come up to the top of my boots – my lovely Bears Paws winter boots which my wonderful hubby bought for me in Feb in Canada, & they are certainly worth every penny – keeping my toes warm & toastie 🙂

Between that 1st dump & today’s, i think we have had at least 60 or 80 cm of snow to date – that’s half a meter!
After 8 years here, snow still makes me happy.
We may go sledding tomorrow 😀

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