Last Post about Fun Kindi Stuff…

So yes – the school year has officially ended – Tobias has officially completed his 1st year @ Kindi… On to the next πŸ™‚

They ended the school year by having an over night stay @ the Kindi. So all the kids arrived with sleeping bags, mats, pillows, soft toys & breakfast food @ 7.15pm on Thursday (8th July 2010) night & slept there with 2 of their teachers.

Here’s a photo of a very very excited Tobias all ready to go:

The parents picked the kids up @ 10am the next morning… from rather tired looking teachers… as expected they didn’t get to sleep much with 17 kids in the same room & it was a super warm night…

i, on the other, had a lovely evening to myself – the man had to go for some company dinner (which in the end he didn’t go, cos he had work to finish). i caught up on some paperwork, had junk food for dinner, watched some TV & finally watched Sherlock Holmes the movie – it was a good movie! It was a relaxing night. i thought i would miss hearing him around the apartment, but i guess i soooo very very rarely get this chance – it felt good πŸ˜€

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