Another Post About Fun Stuff @ Kindi…

You know sometimes i wonder why they go to Kindi here – it’s so different from Kindi in Singapore where i went to school – here it’s all about learning social skills & learning to work together & getting along – over in Singapore it’s more about knowing your ABCs & 123s…
i think it’s better here – ABCs & 123s can be learnt later & studies have shown that by the time kids are 10 years old – it made no difference whether they started reading at age 3 or age 6…

Anyhow, Tobias had quite a few more outings with his Kindi – but none of which i went along to – so no photos for those.
But just to keep a record:

On 1st June 2010 – the Pirate Band took to the town – it was a full day (almost – they started @ 8.15am & came back @ 3.15pm) where they took the bus (public transport – no chartered buses like in Singapore) went to another town, hiked there, had lunch in the great outdoors & then came back.

On 29th January 2010 – they went to watch the theater perform The Frog Prince – i would have liked to be there but alas – only Kindergarten kids & their teachers – Tobias said it was great fun & the performers interacted with the kids which i though was great!

Just the day before that, they had a colour party to end their theme on Colours – i caught the final thing they did (but no camera) – they had written down wishes – wishes for themselves as well as for their respective balloons – tied the wishes to their balloons & then at the count of 3 let them fly! It was wonderful seeing the balloons in the sky & how much the kids enjoyed it.

Then on 11th November 2009 – they had a lantern parade! They had the theme of Fish & each child made (with the guidance of the teachers) a fish lantern for themselves. It was a lovely lantern. See pictures below:

We have 3 kindergartens here on our village & all 3 kindergartens came together for the parade & i think by far, our class had the best looking lanterns & the biggest ones too.

i love it that the lantern wasn’t just a walk around the school thing – they actually walked around the village & stopped @ various points to sing songs. Here are a couple of videos of them singing (i hope they work well):

This second video was taken in the forest – they had to walk through a section of forest on their route around the village. & it had gotten much darker by then so you can’t see the kids but it shows off the lanterns really nicely.
Sorry the sound isn’t very good on this one.

Looking @ all the fun stuff they got to do – sometimes i wished that i was in Kindi too šŸ˜‰

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