2.5 weeks left to the school year…

…that’s right in 2.5 weeks Tobias officially finishes Kindergarten 1 – 1st year of Kindergarten – done & over with by 9th July 2010 😀
It is just now that i realised i have not written very much about his experience in Kindi & the great things he gets to do there. i have written about the pre-Kindi visit, the 1st day of Kindi but nothing very much after that…

So here’s to catching up (likely to be split into a few posts) from most recent events:

Yesterday (23rd June 2010) – was the Pirate Party @ Kindi. Strangely enough it was on a school night & took place from 6pm till 9pm. We were all asked to bring a dish (Tobias & i made Chocolate Walnut Cookies & also a Greek salad – the salad went down well, not so the cookies – either they were not cookie-people or everyone was simply too stuffed from all the food). It was great everyone brought lots to eat – salads & bread mainly. Everyone was to bring their own sausages to grill – now here’s the catch (which i didn’t catch onto) – everyone had to bring their own plates, forks/knives, cups & drink. i somehow completely missed that on the info sheet & brought nothing but Greek salad & cookies. People even provided serving spoons for the food they brought. Thank God one of the mums whom we know better had extras & shared with us – we were the only 2 there without our husbands. Walter was in Brussels & her husband had to work.

So here’s the shot of all the food (minus the lots of sausages which were on the grill which had too many people around it for a shot to be possible) & a couple of pictures showing people preparing their place for dinner:

But before we were allowed at the food, there were games to be played! The teacher (Frau Imhof or in English Ms Imhof) did a short intro to the evening & then the kids sang a few songs (could not take a video cos i had only my phone-cam with me).

At the last song, parents were invited to join in when it was their kids’ turn to dance in the centre. Here’s a shot of that happening:

Then we were told there were 14 stations of games & we could do any one but there was one everyone had to do – that was to guess how many goldfish (a type of biscuit which kids here love) were in the net. It was quite fun – here are a few shots of what we did get to do:

Cannon Ball at a cardboard ship

Digging for Treasure


Obstacle Course

There was also face-painting which was where Tobias got the mustache – u can roughly see it in the Obstacle Course picture. We also tried our hand at making a net – Tobias wasn’t too interested – too complicated. There was a painting station as well as a skip-hop game. Also a Knock-the-Cans games & Hop-Across the Field. Tobias also got to try picking up shells & stones which his toes from a tub of water.

Oh, notice that the kids are all wearing coloured pirate bandannas – i believe the teachers (they have 2 teachers & 2 interns) made the basic shape & each child sewed on they own beads/sequins. & if you look at the photo of the singing, you will see them.

Then it was food time & then the prize for guessing the correct number of gold fish – there were 357 in the net. Sorry missed the shot of the fish in the net before they opened the net. After which the kids were let loose & had a great time running around as pirates, "attacking" people 😉

Needless to say, a very tired Tobias came home & slept in late this morning – good thing he had no Kindi this morning 😉

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