Tobias’ 6th Birthday…

Oh my, it has once again come round – it’s Tobias’ birthday once again – the years are literally just flying by… sigh!

A week ago – 20th May 2010 – Tobias turned 6 – he has waited sooooo long to turn 6 & finally the day came 😀

So this year Tobias had 3 parties – a main one at Nilpfi (an indoor playpark) here in Solothurn with his Kindergarten friends, a tiny one with the whole Kindergarten class (i made Ham & Cheese sandwiches for that one) – we were not at the Kindergarten one, it was just a tiny celebration during break time & then a small one at church.

This year’s theme is FISH! That’s right – we are still on Fish – this has been a theme for Tobias since his 1st day in Kindergarten last August!
So he sent out 10 fish-shaped invitations to 10 little friends for his party at Nilpfi – 9 of whom were able to come.

Here’s a photo of the Fish Cupcakes i made & Tobias sitting happily in front of them, waiting for his friends to arrive:

His friends loved it that the party was at the playpark – it was hard to get them to focus on being at the birthday table 😉
But they did a great job with the birthday song – have a listen:

Then they were off to ride bumper cars, jump on the trampolines & basically run around the place – it was an easy party to plan for & i thank God for it. i was down with a serious sore throat (or what i thot was a serious sore throat – turned out to be Strept Throat) & it took 6 pandols for me to ignore the pain & function normally for the party.

The cake Tobias really wanted was a Rainbow Fish Cake – if you don’t know the story of Rainbow Fish, go & get the book – it’s a great story.
So that’s what i attempted to make for the cake at church. Here’s the process:

i used a Quick Sponge Cake recipe to bake the cake in a ball cake tin – but some how the centre didn’t rise properly – but it was still usable.
Here’s the cut shaped of the fish:

Then i covered it with sugarpaste icing:

Then the scales, eyes, mouth & fins went on:

i think all in all it took me like 5hrs to finish – but it was worth it – all the time i was making it, i thot:  "this is a disaster, it’s not going to work." But it did & it turned out ok – i would have liked a better looking cake but it was close enough, considering my "semi-drugged" state 😉

Here’s Tobias with some of the kids from church:

This year he had more presents than any other year – cos of the party with his little friends – but i did not get a chance to photograph the pressies before he opened them & started building – he got mostly Legos (which he loves at the moment).

So there goes another year & my little guy doesn’t seem so little anymore…
My baby – a 6-year old boy…

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