End of NaNoWriMo… & …1st Snowfall…

So the end of November came & went – NaNoWriMo 2009 is over &…
… i did not make it to 50000 words… sob!

i really could not get into my story this year – it was an interesting idea, inspired by a song but i guess it just wasn’t a "novel" idea – i think it would make a good short to mid-length story, just not an idea to stretch 50000 words. So no more writing from animal’s perspective – hahahhaa 😉

Funny thing is i already have an idea for next year’s novel – hopefully with a whole year to brew, it will turn out to be a great story 😀

So from the black & white page to snowy white winter…
We had the 1st snowfall of this winter season – on 30th November 2009 😉
Here is a video & some photos:

Of course this does not mean that it will be a white Christmas for sure or even a nice snowy winter. In more than 7 years here, we have had only 1 white Christmas and that’s only cos we were at a friend’s place where they tend to get more snow. So we’ll see – we hope for a white Christmas 😉


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