Interesting Swiss Stuff …

i have not been writing about enough Swiss stuff on this blog – considering it is about us living in Switzerland!
Well, the truth is i haven’t found much Swiss news which would be of interest to people living outside of Switzerland – but i have found a couple of interesting things recently.

1st of all is the record heat in October – just 4 days ago, on 7th Oct 2009, Wednesday, temperatures hit a record high of almost 28 degrees – a record high in 30 years the locals tell me. Now remember it’s October – it’s supposed to be Autumn which means normal temps would be around the high tens at the most – but people were out in their t-shirts & shorts & summer dresses on Wednesday – it was warm!

Here’s a link to the Swiss Meteo (weather) website – with a table showing the highs recorded for October since 1961 – i know most of you don’t read German – just scroll down to the table "Höchste Tagesmaxima im Oktober 1961-2009". Left most column is the location in Switzerland, center column shows you the temps recorded for 7th October 2009 & the last column shows the highs recorded before 2009.

So nice & sunny it was that i took Tobias for a swim – thinking we could catch the last of the summer sun-rays – but too bad the outdoor pools had already been closed for almost 2 weeks & were not opened again for that one day – so we went to the indoor pool – it was just as fun πŸ˜‰

But the weather is going a little nuts – cos Wed was nice & sunny & warm & Thurs (the very next day) it was cold & windy – a drop of 10 degrees! Now forecasts are for below 10 in the coming week – such drastic weather patterns! Don’t think it’s a good sign, is it?

2nd – most of you know i have a small little biz selling English Children’s books here – so i’m always on the lookout for interesting kids books – actually even if i didn’t sell books, i would still be looking for interesting kids’ books.

Anyhow, here in Switzerland they have a beloved character called Globi – started as a mascot for a departmental store & became the most popular children’s cartoon character in Switzerland. But this cartoon, whether as a comic book or a audio tape was always in Swiss German (even more difficult to understand than High (Proper) German), so i never paid much attention. BUT…
recently i read about a release of a story about Globi in ENGLISH! That sat me up – so i’m sharing it with you – check out the full article here.
i’m quite excited to try & get one for Tobias for Christmas – His 1st Swiss cartoon book πŸ˜‰

Let me know what you think.

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