Cars…cars…more cars…still more… u guessed it CARS!

We went to the 79th Motor Show, in Geneva about 3 weeks ago, with a couple of Walter’s colleagues.
It was huge & the boys had lots of fun looking, or should i say ogling, over the cool cars, super cars, cute cars & of cos the booth babes – or at least one of them was looking out for booth babes – hehheee 😉

Here’s some of my fav shots:

Tobias standing next to a suped up car.

Sony & the gaming industry certainly cashed in on the crowds which were there. It makes sense, doesn’t it – the same people who are interested in cars would also be the same ones into gaming. They had a whole hall dedicated to gaming – of cos it was all car games – there was also go-karts but the queue was too long to even attempt the wait.

Tobias behind the wheel of one of my fav cars – the Mini.

This is a really cool motorcycle which has 2 front wheels, 1 back wheel & you can drive it with a car license – no need to take another test to drive if you are into motorcycles. Tobias certainly was – he didn’t want to get off.

We shot lots & lots of cars but i shall not bore the non-car-enthus. So check the official website if you wanna see the new concept cars etc.

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