Tobias & Chopsticks…

Tobias have been expressing an interest in using & having his own pair of chopsticks. Well, he does have 1 child-sized pair which we tried to teach him to use but it was really difficult especially when he got frustrated & did not want to listen to how to use them properly so we stopped for a while.

Then in Singapore i finally found something which has helped greatly – here’s a photo of him happily getting food with his very own chopsticks, all his own efforts 😉

Now he asks daily if he can use his chopsticks to eat.

These Combi training chopsticks come with a ring to hold the top ends together & a rubber support to properly position the chopsticks on the hand. Once the kid can use it well with these 2 helps, then you remove the rubber support. When the kid masters that stage, you remove the ring & have a normal pair of chopsticks to use.

i highly recommend this to anyone who wants their child to learn how to use chopsticks.

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